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For you to provide high quality analysis, on time, every time, requires an ongoing investment in your CAT capabilities. You have to retain the best expertise, keep up to date with the latest models and upgrade to the latest technology. This means a substantial additional cost and more critically a time commitment from key people.

An alternative is to outsource the CAT analysis function to CRG.

  • A fixed price for a level of analysis service aligned specifically to your needs
  • Security in the knowledge that CRG will always have the expertise available
  • Allowing CRG to crunch the numbers releases your valuable staff so they can focus on value add activities

Further benefiting you will be priority access to CRG’s subject matter experts for advice and further development of your CAT capability. CRG is at the fore-front of the CAT debate in the market, under standing the regulatory requirements and therefore capabilities each market participant must have.

The CRG approach to outsourcing is phased to ensure successful take-on and tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements.

CRG recognise that CAT is an evolving function. We are committed to being at the fore-front the evolution and will ensuring our outsource service updates in accordance with the market demands and client’s requirements.


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